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How to Stay Safest When Driving in the Rain

With cloudy weather comes rain. Driving in the rain is undoubtedly more risky than driving in dry conditions. In fact, the safest way to drive in the rain is to wait for the rain to pass. However, that isn’t always possible so we have a few invaluable tips to help you drive in the rain. …

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Replacing a Flat Tire in an Emergency

A flat tire on the road is a quick way to cut a short trip if you don’t know how to change it. We are here to save you towing costs with our step-by-step instructions on changing your flat tire. Necessities: Spare Tire Lug Wrench Jack Flashlight Wheel Wedges Get your vehicle to safety The …

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How to Jump Start a Battery

Jumping a Battery By jumping a battery we don’t mean taking a running leap over it. We are talking about when you turn your key and your car doesn’t cooperate so you need a jump. It is an easy process that could get you out a jam in the future. 1. Grab your jumper cables. …

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