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Metro Nissan Montclair's News, Events, and Blog

Replacing a Flat Tire in an Emergency

A flat tire on the road is a quick way to cut a short trip if you don’t know how to change it. We are here to save you towing costs with our step-by-step instructions on changing your flat tire. Necessities: Spare Tire Lug Wrench Jack Flashlight Wheel Wedges Get your vehicle to safety The …

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How to Jump Start a Battery

Jumping a Battery By jumping a battery we don’t mean taking a running leap over it. We are talking about when you turn your key and your car doesn’t cooperate so you need a jump. It is an easy process that could get you out a jam in the future. 1. Grab your jumper cables. …

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The Importance of Tire Rotations

Your tires take a lot of wear on the road. Through all the turning, braking, accelerating, and skidding, they feel a lot on the road. To keep them in better shape on the road you should get them rotated routinely. Rotating tires consists of removing them from the vehicle and switching the axles that they …

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Metro Nissan of Montclair’s Road Trip Must-Haves

We feel that everyone should go on at least one epic road trip in their lives. Down here in Southern California you have the entire rest of the country to see with a well-navigated trip. Head to Florida and swing through Austin. Head to New York with a stop in Chicago. Visit Seattle after a …

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Should You Be Excited for Driver-Less Cars?

Besides being on the forefront of the electric car market, Nissan is busy working toward a future with driver-less cars. The idea that was once so foreign is making strides into a viable future, but should you be excited to take your hands off the wheel? Recently, Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi, collectively known as Alliance …

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Car Color: What It Says About You

Recently, Nissan has stated that drivers are choosing “the wrong vehicle color for their personality type.” This got us thinking, with so many colors to choose from, what does your color choice say about you? The reasoning behind it goes into color psychology, the idea that certain colors reflect psychological motivations and subliminal feelings. Black: Black is synonymous …

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Bite into Great Deals for National Cheeseburger Day

Happy National Cheeseburger Day! It’s a day that comes once a year and it is time to celebrate. Luckily, some great, SoCal restaurants are throwing great events with greater deals for the day. Wayback Burger in Los Angeles is putting on a contest where the fastest to eat their Triple Triple Burger, that’s 9 patties, …

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Pomona College Leading a Charge Toward Carbon Neutrality

California is a big state. It’s no wonder that it is full of drivers and all sorts of pollution sources. In fact, in 2015 CBS ranked Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside as the number 1 smoggiest city in the US. However, Pomona College in Claremont, CA is doing it’s part to become carbon neutral by the year …

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