California is a big state. It’s no wonder that it is full of drivers and all sorts of pollution sources. In fact, in 2015 CBS ranked Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside as the number 1 smoggiest city in the US.

However, Pomona College in Claremont, CA is doing it’s part to become carbon neutral by the year 2030. InlandEmpire.US wrote up a whole story on how Pomona College seeks to achieve this. The College is driving toward completely renewable energy sources such as solar panels and retrofitting buildings to be more energy efficient.

It is undoubtedly a tall order for this school to achieve but it is inspiring to see this undertaken. Pomona College is not the first California school to make this pledge and it will not be the last. Truthfully, this is a movement that we all need to get behind in order to create a cleaner, more comfortable state for the future.

pomona college